Experience & Quality

J&F Trailers is a 100% family owned and operated business that has been building car-hauling trailers for over 19 years. This ensures that each of our customers will receive quality work from experienced and dedicated people, not from inexperienced, paid employees who cut corners to save time.

High Standards

Each and every one of our trailers come standard with:
  • Electric Brakes on all axles.
  • The E-Z Lube bearing lubrication system on all axles.
  • All L.E.D lights.
  • A 5 year limited warranty.
  • Fully adjustable, tuck-away ramps.

Aluminum's Superiority

You may be wondering why you should buy an aluminum trailer, rather than it's steel counterpart.
Below are just some of the advantages of an aluminum trailer:
  • Aluminum is much more resistant to weathering than steel, being very resilient against rust and corrosion, it requires less maintenance.
  • Even if steel is protectively coated or painted to reduce weathering, the unavoidable flexing, wear, and road debris from use of the trailer will eventually (and often quickly) crack and chip the protection, leaving the steel to the mercy of nature.
  • Aluminum trailers hold their value better and longer than steel trailers, due in part to their longevity.
  • For it's weight, aluminum is noticeably stronger than steel. This means a light-weight, strong trailer that's less taxing to pull than a steel trailer.
  • Aluminum is easier to clean than steel. An aluminum trailer will continue to shine even after it's steel counterpart has turned into an eye-sore.

Beware of Phonies

Not all aluminum trailers are built the same. Because aluminum is more expensive than steel, many companies often cut corners by selling trailers as "aluminum", when in fact, they are composed of a steel frame covered with an aluminum body. While there is little visual difference between an all aluminum trailer, and an aluminum covered trailer, most of the benefits are drastically reduced. This includes it's long life, better usability, and good preservation of value. Be aware of those who would try to pull the "aluminum" over your eyes. Our trailers have a 100% aluminum frame and body, eliminating any possible worry about the integrity of the materials we use.

Our Standard Trailers

To browse our currently available models, visit the Our Trailers page.
Due to our competitive prices, we don't always have a large stock of trailers. Please contact us ahead of time to ensure that a trailer is ready for you.

Custom Trailers

In addition to our standard models, we provide custom built services. Small or large, heavy-duty or light, we can build you a trailer to fit your individual needs. However, we not do offer steel as an alternate building material. Contact us to get quote or learn more.


We do provide trailer delivery, Contact us for current delivery prices.


We do offer a discount on the purchase of multiple trailers. Contact us for details.